Salt Tiles

Himalayan Salt tiles from Pakistan are carved from the extracts of rock salt obtained from the Himalayan Salt Range. The uses of salt have always increased with the passage of time, with this business evolving according to human needs. As the interior beautification of a building requires attractive tiles to put therein, it introduced another use of salt to design various well-designed tiles that may make the interior look elegant along with health benefits.

ARCHITECTURAL line of Himalayan salt tiles from Pakistan includes bricks, tiles, blocks and blocks tiles. This list is for Unique Minerals Himalayan salt tiles from Pakistan which are used to cover an illuminated wall or for a new construction, we also offer seizes as per your requirement for salt bricks as well as bricks with natural faces.

Add one of these walls to your business or home or office. The benefits are too numerous to take them fully into account here, like all applications! But here are some application ideas:

  • wall of the child’s room
  • Family room
  • Spa or gym at home.
  • yoga studio
  • wellness spa
  • Office of the chiropractor
  • restaurants
  • Aging dry walls of the Meat Wallet!

Speleotherapy with Himalayan Salt Plates from Pakistan:

Health researchers have linked allergies and asthma to the growing number of spectral disorders of autism.

Skin disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis, are also on the slope. Speleotherapy helps alleviate all these categories. Following are some examples of disorders that can be alleviated with salt therapies:

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